Hello Steve.

Today was my first class of my last semester at university, so I thought it would be a good day to introduce you to Steve, who often crops up when there isn’t much happening in class.

Steve: Wow Isla! When your hair looks shit, mine looks amazing!

Isla: I feel greatly pained that a mean, pink-haired, biker goblin looks better than me.

Steve: Emphasis on the mean, snarky.



Yes, Steve is a mean, pink, biker goblin. I always draw him in black pen, but he is supposed to have pink spiky hair. He was named after my friends dad, who for some reason went through a pink faze where he lined his car seats with pink, had pink cushions in the back, and even a pink jesus which stood in the boot. And yes, he also had short, spiked up, dyed pink hair.

Steve: Hey Isla, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Isla: Uhhh, why are you…?


Isla: …you are so smug.


This needs a bit of back-story. So I’ve started a new course at university called Puzzles and Paradoxes, which is pretty self-explanatory, we will be looking at multiple philosophical paradoxes. And our lecturer kept giving us examples of paradoxes and then saying ‘you’ve been paradoxed’. I guess Steve has picked up the phrase.

I hope you like Steve. He was once described as my alter-ego by someone who did not know me at all but saw one of my scribbles of him. He can be a bit mean, and his fashion tastes might be downright appalling, but I have grown quite fond of him.


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