The Man and His Drum

This is a story I wrote as a gift for the small music festival that me and my family used to go to every year, called African Drum Village, which unfortunately changed a few years ago and lost a certain quality to it which meant we stopped going. It probably came at the right time though since me, my brother and my friend who also went were all growing up and leaving home just as it was ending. It’s still running though, it’s just different. Here’s the website if you’re interested:

Looking back at this story I can see lots of mistakes, but I still really love it and it means a lot to me. And I use the pictures of the little booklet I made all over my sites and things, so I feel like it needs to be shared.

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Once upon a time there was a man and a drum. The man travelled the world on his own with nothing but his drum, but despite having little else he was happy, for his love of music gave him friends wherever he went. His drumming attracted a calamity of voices and sounds which wove together to create a musical tapestry of his travels.

One day the man came to a village where music was unheard of. They were a timid people who lived there, and they existed together mostly in silence. The man thought it a fine thing to awaken these people’s souls with his music. So he settled himself amongst them and started drumming.


The people of this village were shocked, to their quiet natures this noise was brutal and devastating. They were so distraught that they let out a startled cry of rage and threw themselves at the drum, tearing it apart with their bare hands.

The man simply leaped up and began dancing on the wooden floor, drumming a rhythm with his feet and singing loudly. The people ran after him, crying out in surprise, but the man simply kept dancing, kept singing, allowing the cries of the villagers to intermingle with his voice until everyone was singing and dancing with him.

From that day onwards, the people of the village were always singing and dancing and making music.

The man was given a new drum made by the villagers and he continued his travels, spreading the joy of music wherever he went.

The End


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