Dream – 25th May 2015

I’m not such a big dreamer, but when I do dream they are usually quite fun, adventurous dreams. I always think of my dreams as little stories. I also dream a lot about drowning.

Whenever I do dream I write them down on one of the many scraps of paper I have lying around, or in one of my many many notebooks (I’m a collector). Then when I’d tidying or looking through my notebook collection I stumble upon them, which is a great feeling. I’ve usually forgotten them so it’s like hearing a story told by someone other than me, but close to me.

Anyway, this is a dream I had when I was staying with my friend in Freiburg. The night before we had watched The Fall with Lee Pace, so you can totally see the parallels.

25th May – I had a weird dream where there was a little girl who’s teeth kept falling out and she was hidden from the world by her parents because she was a cross between a magical being and a human. An enemy thought her parents were hiding something much worse so attempted to poison the girl by taking a substance poisonous to all magical folk and dripping it down the sink, for that was where the little girl lived.

I kept taking the place of the little girl and feeling my empty gums and spitting out blood which unfortunately resulted in me waking up and accidentally spitting all over Laura’s pillow which she had lent me.


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