Jarring Names

This is just a little post about the fact that my name is Isla, because a couple of freaky things have happened to me recently and I just wanted to let it out. So this is a rambling post of self-centred complaining – be warned!

Back when I was born Isla was not a very common name and I grew up feeling very unique and loving my name. I was part of a community where there were a lot of unusual names and I loved being in that unique group. Not that I hate more common names like Kirsty, Rebecca, or Lauren, but I felt very different from those names. Those names I saw at school with the ‘cool’ girls, the confident girls, the girls who could talk and laugh and be sociable. Names were very defining for me when I was younger and I was somewhat relieved to fit in so easily with the other, more unusual, ‘hippy-dippy’ families with the more unusual names.

But since I turned 15, maybe, Isla suddenly became immensely popular. When before the only Isla I knew had been the dalmatian near my kindergarten, I was now turning my head at least once a month towards a woman in her thirties calling her runaway toddler back to her. I was so tuned in to being ‘the only Isla’ that it became very distracting. I probably should have just shopped at another supermarket.

And now things have gotten so much worse! Now my old school-mates and acquaintances have reached that age of marriage and babies! Lo and behold, a little girl was born a few months back and my facebook is now pummelled with posts about how ‘Isla wearing an adorable christmas jumper’, ‘Isla experiencing her first snow-fall’, and even ‘Isla took her first selfie today!’ (no joke). This is all fine though, because Isla is adorable, and Isla is a beautiful name (narcissist), and I am being dreadfully, horribly, self-centred and spoilt.

But now we reach the other monstrosity! Someone from school has written a play entitled Isla. About a girl who lives in a small town (like I did) and is getting increasingly frustrated at ‘small town living’ (which I did… well… a bit). I watched the video and it looks fantastic, by the way, I’m thinking about donating to them, which you should all do as well: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/isla-short-film#/

The film has nothing really to do with me, of course, but it was incredibly jarring hearing people saying things like ‘Whilst we were writing Isla…’ and ‘In order to get production started on Isla…’, etcetera. Does anyone else feel this?

When Alice’s read Alice in Wonderland, or when Bella’s go watch Twilight, does it freak you out hearing your name all the time?

I might reconsider naming my future son ‘Harry’.


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