Conversations with Steve #3

Had a conversation with Steve yesterday about my terrible presentation. It’s a wee bit depressing, but my mum told me the day before to channel Steve in order to get through talking in front of so many people. Unfortunately he only popped into my mind afterwards, but I don’t think he would have been much help. He really doesn’t know anything about philosophy and my brain had decided to go on holiday that morning anyhow:


Isla: I couldn’t channel my inner-Steve. That’s 10% of my grade down the drain.

Steve: What makes you think I could have done the job? I don’t even know what philosophy is! 

Isla: But at least you can actually speak in front of people!

Steve: Pfft, maybe if you were doing a presentation on bad jokes and snarkiness.

Isla: I wish I were invisible…

Phoar! I was so mopey! Not to worry, it’s all out the way now. 😀

I also did this wee doodle during the rest of my class. Not sure if it has some hidden meaning attributed to my anxiety, or maybe it’s just because we were looking at surrealism last week?



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