Pokemon Valentines Drawing

Okay, so I do this incredibly cute (or nauseating, depending how old you are) thing for my boyfriend – I draw him adorable pokemon in cute poses and with little hearts everywhere and then give him the pictures for birthdays or Christmas or valentines or anniversary’s (etc, etc). It all started on our very first Valentines Day together when we’d been going out for only two months, or less than two months actually. He went completely over the top and gave me a ridiculous card with a creature falling down a hill and saying ‘I’ve fallen head over heels in love with you’. Also a little teddy bear, flowers, chocolates, and a singing toy dog. He almost scared me off! He certainly freaked my mum out!

Anyway, I didn’t do any of that, but instead drew him a picture of a dancing Ludicolo with a love heart in a speech bubble. To be honest, I can’t even remember if I got him a gift. Is two months into a relationship a good time to be buying each other presents?

He loved the Ludicolo though. And since then I’ve drawn him lots of pokemon under the same sorta theme – in a dancey/cutey pose with a love heart in a speech bubble.

I’ve been drawing more and more of them in the past four years we’ve been together and eventually hope to cover all 700-odd pokemon (that number will probably go up…). I’ve already drawn about fifty, but I won’t stick them up on here because I haven’t given them to him yet and he does follow my blog, although whether he reads it…

Anyway, this is an extra special one which I gave him this Valentines Day past, so I thought it was safe to put up. He requested this one especially: He wanted Gengar sheltering Clefable from the rain, Murkrow perched on Empoleon’s head, and Ludicolo and Goodra playing in the rain behind them.

(He got me flowers, chocolates and wine this year. I expressly told him not to get me anything because he bought me a 3DS for Christmas! We now have his-n-hers 3DS’s – mine is red and his is blue.)




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