A Poetic Finish

Wow! I am done with university! Handed in my last essay ten days ago, actually, just been sending off applications and browsing through jobs and generally having a bit of a holiday. The day after I handed my last essay in I got one of those facebook memory notifications telling me that four years ago I had just heard that I’d been accepted into Edinburgh University! That’s a pretty poetic round-up, doncha think?

So yeah, just having a wee holiday back at home with family and my boyfriend (they all live in the same town while I’m all on my own in Edinburgh…) but I’m already getting sick of it and it’s only been a week! My bf works full time, and when he does come home, since he lives with his parents, we have that whole family-gathering every evening where we prepare dinner and then sit around for a whole hour eating together (and I love them and everything, I just only get so many hours with my bf especially as we have been doing long-distance for four years. Plus, I am pretty used to the flexibility and laid-backness of my family life). And then during the day I come home, which is nice, and I do go out some, especially with the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, but my step-dad is retired and usually the only one is and he gets so grumpy and huffy if something disrupts him. He does his writing in the living room, and one morning I was also doing writing in the living room, but he got so frustrated at the noise of my laptop I had to leave!

Basically, my long list of complaints can be summed up with the fact that I don’t have my own space here. My mum, step-dad and brother take up all the rooms in this house, and obviously my bfs family take up theirs, and even my old bedroom which no-one except guests sleep in now seems invaded by my old self; beano annuals, girly teen books, Massive Johnny Depp poster, and all the creepy artwork from my year at college when I was obsessed with faces.

I am slowly settling back into life here, although probably when I’m fully relaxed into it, it’ll be time for me to go back and face proper adult life!

Also, I haven’t been ill for what feels like years. I think I’ve been determined to be healthy during my final months. But now I have one of those weird colds where your nose and then your throat feels dry and sore, but the rest of you is fine. The plus side of this cold is that it gave me hallucinatory dreams last night. Yeah, I know, doesn’t sound very positive, but it was one of my really cool, narrative type dreams which means I have material for another blog post! Woo!

I have actually been doing bits of writing recently, but nothing I want to publish just yet. Had to load up my ideas train a bit after expending so much energy into essays.

Anyways, got to go have yet another cup of tea for my throat.


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