Summer Reading Challenge – July Part 3

It’s been a while. I finally got a bit fed up with reading so much which happens all the time with me, but I’ve caught up a bit and have some more material to blog about again. I’m still on track to finish before the end of August, I’ll just have to do more reading than Fringe-ing during the festival. I haven’t yet got my hours for the festival though so this might be a relief. Haha!

Sports-a-holic: Read a book that features a popular summer sport

For this prompt I settled on Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch, which is basically a biography of Hornby’s life centred around football. I decided to read it because I do not know much about football goers and am always keen to read about people different from myself, plus I’ve just moved into an area near a football stadium (I could hear the roars from the crowd the other day) and you never know the people you’ll meet. Also, when I first started reading the World Cup was still going on and everyone was very excited about Croatia vs England (can you guess who everyone was supporting considering I live in Scotland?).

I’ve never read any of Nick Hornby’s books before, although his name has cropped up regularly in my reading career, and this was probably not the best one to start with, but I did enjoy it. I really do love reading about things I know nothing about, particularly from someone who is so enthused, so obsessed, about it. And football is one of those interesting sports where simply watching it, being a fan, is a complete, almost full-time hobby. I’ve always been one of those who needs something to show for her spare time activities: a painted picture, a story, a knitted scarf, a cake. And I’ve never understood watching sport when playing it is so obviously more entertaining and beneficial.

From what I’ve heard about Hornby, his books are better as films (and handily, so many of them have been made into films) and I can definitely see how much more interesting it would be on a screen than words on a page, but it was an easy read about a likeable guy (though I did want to slap him on the shoulder a couple of times).

Dear Pen Pal: Read a book that features letters or journal entries

I actually often dislike epistolary books as a general rule. There were exceptions in my teens when I became intensely addicted to Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison which is incidentally also around the time I started being incredibly resentful towards all men for not being as funny or as sweet as Dave the Laugh.

For this prompt I decided to read a girly classic, after all that talk about men, masculinity and football, and I picked up Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding for the first time in my life. I hate to be typical (I am so typical I don’t know why I said that) but I loved this book! It’s nothing like my life, or the lives of anyone I know, but of course I’ve watched the Bridget Jones films, and of course I find them hilarious and cringy and just so much fun! And the book was just like that. I was relieved that it wasn’t all that different from the film, although maybe I should be saying that I’m relieved the film was so true to the book. I do prefer the ending of the film, to be honest, I was waiting for that scene to be written out and it never came. And good god! The mother is even worse in the book!

I particularly enjoyed the dedication: ‘To my mum, Nellie, for not being like Bridget’s.’

I also really enjoyed the Introduction written by Caitlin Moran (another author on my list of books to read), which helped bring the book forward a bit as she described Bridget as timeless. I had been feeling a bit stuck in the past with reading all these books published in the 90s, especially considering I was 7 or something when the 90s ended.

Til next time



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