Conversations with Steve #5


Steve: What’s with my wobbly face?

Isla: My hands are shaking.

Steve: . . .

Isla: I’m sitting under a fan.

Steve: . . .

Isla: I don’t want to move. I’m sitting in a corner. It’s a good place to observe and eavesdrop.

Steve: Sigh! I don’t know what to do with you, girl.

Isla: What can you do? You’re just scribbles on a page.

Steve: Hey! I provide you with companionship, don’t I? And entertainment. You must take some enjoyment from me, otherwise you wouldn’t keep drawing me, right?

Isla: Aww, are you feeling under-appreciated?

Steve: You’re the one having an imaginary conversation here.

Isla: I’m using you to procrastinate.

Steve: Sure, we’ve all heard that excuse before.

Isla: I’m supposed to be writing a 10,000 word dissertation right now.

Steve: Don’t forget your Modernism essay and those short stories you want to write.

Isla: Okay, you are officially not helping any more.

Steve: And I was before?