Dream – 12th May 2016

This dream was dreamt in the early hours of the morning while I was feeling horribly ill and dehydrated and as such it was possibly trying to comfort me in some way. It was quite hallucinatory and very sentimental for myself towards the end.

I dreamt I was partying with angels that had most likely fallen from heaven. They appeared to be in the bodies of everyday women, mostly in their thirties or forties, from various different backgrounds, and seemed confused as to whether they were actually humans or actually angels. Perhaps they were neither, or both? Read More »


Pokemon Valentines Drawing

Okay, so I do this incredibly cute (or nauseating, depending how old you are) thing for my boyfriend – I draw him adorable pokemon in cute poses and with little hearts everywhere and then give him the pictures for birthdays or Christmas or valentines or anniversary’s (etc, etc). It all started on our very first Valentines Day togetherRead More »