You’ve Been Paradoxed

So I’m thinking of doing a new segment on this blog about paradoxes.

I know it seems like I don’t have much going on here, but I actually do have loads of ideas, but some of them won’t be happening for a wee while. This is something which I can do now and regularly, whilst I wait for all that other stuff to come about.

I’m taking a course this year about paradoxes, so my idea is simply just to create blog posts describing a paradox, then saying YOU’VE BEEN PARADOXED! – a phrase I have shamelessly stolen from my course lecturer, but I don’t think he’ll mind. And then I will offer some solutions to each paradox.

I am a philosophy student and have realised from my flatmates that philosophy can be incredibly hard to understand, but hopefully I can explain everything easily. Paradoxes are nice because they are usually in the form of little stories and a lot of them are very well known. It will probably be the solutions which will be hard to separate from the ‘philosophy-speak’. The fun thing about paradoxes though is that they seem unsolvable, so maybe you won’t care about that anyway!

Another good thing about this idea is that I will have a surplus of material – have you seen the list of paradoxes on wikipedia?

So just to start things off – Which came first, the chicken or the egg?


The Chicken or the Egg?

Perhaps the most famous and well known of all the paradoxes, which did come first, the chicken or the egg?

This paradox relies on two statements: that all chickens come from chicken eggs and that all chicken eggs come from chickens.Read More »