Quick Writing Snippets – ‘Puddle’

‘Hey sugar!’

‘Hey honey!’

‘Hey cutie-pie!’

‘Hey snookums!’

‘Hey puddle!’


‘Yeah, puddle. You like it?’

‘Why would I like being called a puddle? It’s all wet and shallow and… and… drippy!’


She three her pillow at his face.



(My boyfriend and me wrote little passages using random words which he came up with. I was reluctant to, so I wrote this in retaliation)


Pokemon Valentines Drawing

Okay, so I do this incredibly cute (or nauseating, depending how old you are) thing for my boyfriend – I draw him adorable pokemon in cute poses and with little hearts everywhere and then give him the pictures for birthdays or Christmas or valentines or anniversary’s (etc, etc). It all started on our very first Valentines Day togetherRead More »

Conversations with Steve #5


Steve: What’s with my wobbly face?

Isla: My hands are shaking.

Steve: . . .

Isla: I’m sitting under a fan.

Steve: . . .

Isla: I don’t want to move. I’m sitting in a corner. It’s a good place to observe and eavesdrop.

Steve: Sigh! I don’t know what to do with you, girl.

Isla: What can you do? You’re just scribbles on a page.

Steve: Hey! I provide you with companionship, don’t I? And entertainment. You must take some enjoyment from me, otherwise you wouldn’t keep drawing me, right?

Isla: Aww, are you feeling under-appreciated?

Steve: You’re the one having an imaginary conversation here.

Isla: I’m using you to procrastinate.

Steve: Sure, we’ve all heard that excuse before.

Isla: I’m supposed to be writing a 10,000 word dissertation right now.

Steve: Don’t forget your Modernism essay and those short stories you want to write.

Isla: Okay, you are officially not helping any more.

Steve: And I was before?